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Green EnviroTech Holdings Corp.

Our mission is simple: To develop and commercialize proprietary technologies for the production of Brent Grade “light sweet crude” oil that does not compromise food or land resources. Green EnviroTech Holdings Corp. (GETH) will divert mixed plastic and tires that have little or no value from landfills and convert them into oil without drilling a single hole into the earth.

Our Technology
Green EnviroTech Holdings (GETH) is an innovative technology company that has developed a patent pending oil conversion processing mixed plastics and tires. The "GETH Process" revolutionizes the disposal of mixed plastic and tires, creates additional landfill space, and produces a high grade oil, which will be sold at Brent Crude oil market prices.
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The problem we solve
Green EnviroTech can eliminate the disposal of mixed plastics and tires in landfills and stockpiles. Massive amounts of plastics with the Code 3 thru 7 are currently landfilled. Tires pose a much larger problem. Tire piles burn and cause pollution and illegal tire piles are in every state. GETH has a profitable solution.
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