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About GETH

Green EnviroTech Holdings (OTC QB: GETH) is an innovative green technology company that has developed a proprietary process to convert end-of-life tires and unrecyclable waste plastics into a high-grade blendstock oil using proven pyrolysis technology.

GETH was founded in 2008 by Gary De Laurentiis, a recycling industry veteran and award winning plastic recycling process designer who has invested over eight years and much of the nearly $8 million needed for research and development to bring this technology to market. The “GETH Technology Solution” is poised to revolutionize the disposal of end-of-life tires and unrecyclable plastic waste and to clean up tire piles and landfills around the world.

The “GETH Technology Solution” has been reviewed and validated by the independent engineering firm Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) and has been granted a ‘permit to construct without restrictions’ by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, one of the strictest regulatory bodies in California. GETH has secured an independent ‘process performance guarantee’ for its Gen 1 End-of-life Tire Processing Solution from BHP Engineering & Construction.


We offer our partners a range of business models from build, own and operate to full franchise opportunities that may include assistance with creating and implementing recycling ecosystems where needed. Each partnership/project starts with a feasibility study and a financial assessment to ascertain the scope, scale and financial return for our investors.