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Green EnviroTech Participates in Silicon Valley Internship Pilot Program

02/10/2017 | Press Release



Front row from L to R: Alma Violante, Tania Gonzalez, Mariethe Jiménez, Cecilia Rojí (SFS), Mariela Castillo, Carlos Couza.
Back row from L to R: Amado Esquer, Alexander Contreras, Diego Martínez, Sebastian Hernandez, Alfonso Rodriguez, Larry Wang, Andrea Sanchez, Fernando Lebrija (Impulsa), Consul General Gemi Gonzalez, Eduardo Cid (SFS), Gary De Laurentiis (GETH), Lydia Saranina, Arturo Del Castillo, Nick Drobac (SFS), Abel Rangel, Mauricio García, Joaquin Escoto.

AEMThe Silicon Valley Internship Pilot Program is sponsored by the U.S. Department of State in collaboration with the Association of Mexican Businessmen (AEM). The program was launched on February 6th 2017 with a reception at the Mexican Consulate in San Francisco. The aim of this initiative is to offer university students from across Mexico the opportunity to work with innovative companies throughout the Bay Area and to gain valuable work experience related to their fields of study and future career goals.
Out of 1,300 highly qualified applicants, only fifteen exceptional young men and women were selected to participate in the two-month pilot program.

US-DOSAmong the 13 companies mentoring these aspiring young businessmen and women is Smart Fuel Solutions (SFS). SFS is a majority-owned subsidiary of Green EnviroTech Holdings Corp. (GETH), a pioneer in the sustainable development sector. GETH is in discussions with the state of Baja California, Mexico, to construct an alternative energy facility in the coastal border town of Tijuana, MX. The GETH/SFS facility will focus on converting end-of-life tires to low-cost energy that will then be fed back into the local power grid to supplement the needs of the nearly 2 million people who live there. SFS was selected to participate in this program because of their commitments to environmental sustainability, renewable energy and job creation.

Ana Cecilia Rojí Gómez: As a newly-minted attorney from the state of Veracruz, Ana Cecilia will be assisting the SFS management team by researching and applying for the requisite environmental and building permits needed for the construction of their plant in Tijuana. She will also help navigate the complex import/export regulations between US and Mexican Customs and Border Control agencies.

Hector Eduardo Cid Luna: Eduardo is an Engineer holding a BSc in Technology and is pursuing a PhD research career in energy technology development. Eduardo will be assisting the SFS management team by interpreting new legislation promulgated by the Mexican government that deregulates the formerly government-owned energy sector. He will also help to develop the strategy for introducing SFS energy back into the electrical grid. Eduardo hails from the state of Queretaro in central Mexico.

Fernando Lebrija: Fernando is an Industrial Engineer and a strategic project manager for Impulsa, a Mexico-based business accelerator and consultancy. Fernando is also the San Francisco-based internship coordinator for the Silicon Valley Internship Pilot Program and was instrumental in identifying and selecting the participating mentor companies as well as matching the interns to those companies. Fernando is from Mexico City.


From L to R: Gemi Jose Gonzalez (Mexican Consul General), Gary De Laurentiis (Chairman of GETH) Ana Cecelia Roji Gomez, Hector Eduardo Cid Luna, Fernando Lebrija (Impulsa) and Nick Drobac (SFS/GETH).

February 6, 2017 – Mexican Consulate, San Francisco, CA

Sr. Gemi Jose Gonzalez, Mexican Consul General, welcomes Mr. Gary De Laurentiis, Chairman of Green EnviroTech Holdings Corp., to the Silicon Valley Internship Pilot Program reception hosted by the Mexican Consulate in San Francisco in February. Mr. De Laurentiis’s company is one of thirteen innovative Silicon Valley firms mentoring young businessmen and women from Mexico who were selected from more than 1300 applicants to participate in this two-month program. Also pictured are Ana Cecilia Roji Gomez (intern) and Hector Eduardo Cid Luna (intern), Fernando Lebrija (intern coordinator) and Nick Drobac from the Green EnviroTech team.

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