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Our Solution


In the midst of all the dire statistics on tires and plastics choking landfills and littering the landscape, there lies an enormous opportunity. This opportunity comes from our ability to convert these waste materials back into their constituent parts, specifically high-grade oil, and in the case of tires, carbon black and steel – all of which have significant value and markets that are readily accessed. By reintroducing these materials back into the supply chain we intend to not only clean up the environment but also decrease the volume of new material that needs to be produced, thus reducing the environmental impact of manufacturing carbon black (from bunker oil or coal), or extracting and refining crude oil and smelting steel.


Each GETH Processing Plant will be constructed using a 104 ton-per-day (TPD) system called an Operating Unit as its basic building block.

  • A typical 104 TPD Gen 1 Tire Processing Plant is capable of processing up to 3 million scrap tires per year and producing approximately 10,000 tons of carbon black, 100,000 barrels of oil, and 3,700 tons of steel from that feedstock.
  • A typical 104 TPD Gen 1 Plastic Processing Plant is capable of processing up to 33,800 tons of waste plastic per year and producing approximately 195,000 barrels of oil.

The GETH Technology Solution for converting scrap tires and waste plastics to energy is a low emission, eco-friendly process:

Our system has minimal environmental impact because the syngas generated by the process can be captured and reused to generate electricity instead of being flared off rendering our emissions ‘de minimis’. Our process is designed to be odor free with operating noise levels at less than 30 dB, or the equivalent of a whisper in a quiet library.

Generation 1 of the GETH Technology Solution is an integration of several independently proven technologies that differentiate us from other common pyrolytic conversion operations in that we believe we will produce a significantly higher grade “blend stock” oil as well as valuable carbon black and steel.

One Operating Unit processing Scrap Tires:
Outputs and Ratios:

  • 45% by weight of oil
  • 35% average by weight of carbon black
  • 10% recovered steel wire
  • 10% syngas

One Operating Unit processing Mixed Plastics:
Outputs and Ratios:

  • 85% average by weight of oil
  • 12% average by weight of syngas
  • 3% average by weight of carbon black